Performance day was April 1st, a glorious day of our work’s pinnacle.  Merging musicians, student dancers and newly professional dancers combined for a contemporary evening of expressive dance.  Once again, I’m in the moment as I teach a morning class, the start of a long day of dress rehearsal and performance.  I love the focus of a warmup class, the dancers begin slowly and build throughout so they begin to feel strong, confident, balanced and stretched.  It’s a collaboration, an architect’s plan, a give and take to achieve readiness and prevent injury.  We go through our motions and create art.  

As if waking myself from a dream state, I hurry off to my reality, jumping into my car for home, thinking about where to stop for take-out.  I pass a pizza place and order slices (because of time constraints) and deliver my goods to my waiting husband.  We have a hour to share the Neopolitan slices and I sit at the table to relax, get the mail for him to go through, and enjoy some small talk together.  I clean up, regroup and head back to the theatre for the performance.

I return to once again give a warm up class, this one is much shorter though, and sit back to watch the magic and greet friends and parents of the performers.  I’m back in the moment, darkness closes in, colorful lights rise, our dancers take the stage, music, go.  This was a strong, human, luminous performance, I’m once again inspired by beauty.

All is quiet when I return, I share my success with myself.


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