A hamster wheel comes to mind as I languidly meander through the day, tending to my husband’s needs so I could get to mine.  Running through heavy raindrops, I drop him off at the gym for his daily exercise and stop for take-out, which he had a craving for.  The rawness of the day is a challenge as I ready myself for the tech rehearsal at the theatre.  Driving rain, rush hour, and an awful accident contributed to the grid lock of the day.  Eager to welcome the students to stage and space and run my piece with the beautiful lighting we planned last week, I tried and tried to find my way out of the nightmare mess.  A car plows into the one in front of mine, I cringe, knowing it’s a bad day for them.  The bridge is closed with neon lights flashing, tow trucks parked to block the way, I follow the queue off the main to an uncharted grid of sides that I have no idea how to navigate.  I get stuck, can’t move forward, or back, I make a call, so people wouldn’t worry when I didn’t show to warm up the dancers.   I decide to follow the next turn that was free of  traffic and continued to do so until I ended up right back where I started…home!  I had missed my rehearsal, my nerves strung high, a night off now to relax with hopes that tomorrow’s performance will inspire.  


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