I was born an optimist. I am also left-handed. I’m a former professional ballet dancer. I teach it now. I love to write and want to get better at the craft. I have two fantastic grownup children. I also have a wonderful husband who’s got a degenerative brain disease, and so I write…

Returning from a tech rehearsal for a collaborative performance April 1st, I am living in the moment and creatively speaking with the lighting director to bring my choreography to life, sort of the frosting on the cake.  We’re talking colors, brightness, shadows and shafts of light to form a dimly lit path.  I’m happy being an artist.  I plan to etch these moments into my own brain, to withdraw as needed to empower, balance and calm me, for tomorrow brings an intense responsibility.  My husband has a neurologist appointment as he does every six months or so, but to me it’s a mountain to be climbed.  I found that it is not easy navigating in a handicapped way.  The drop off section of the curb in front of the office is very small and usually filled with transport vans and cars, so around the block we go until luck would find an opening.  There is no curb appeal near the downtown office, the curb is a mountain.  Leaving the car at the curb, which has no appeal, to help my husband safely into the lobby to wait until I can park in the valet parking lot way down the block is a mountain.  From there, the trek through the lobby up to the second floor offices is another mountain.  If I manage to check each mountain off in a timely manner, we made the appointment on time!  Time is a mountain.  I feel pride in my husband for accomplishing all of this, and I feel relief if all goes well for both of us.  I see images of dancers in swirling dresses, brightly lit, smiles and sweat and I’m calm again.



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